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Shangrila Blinds

Shangri-la Blinds

Shangri-La is a soft, light diffusing vane between double sheer fabrics that blends to create a unique visual experience.

Vanes are made up of translucent fabric, which allows limited sunlight inside the room, making it energy efficient. You may adjust the vanes to get the light coming through the sheer fabric in the room.

If you keep the vanes completely open, you can see through the window, while on the other hand, if you keep vanes completely closed, it will darken your room and provides complete privacy. Shangri-La blinds are durable and easy to clean.

Shades can also be raised while the vanes are still open. Shangri-la Blinds are versatile & truly unique window coverings. These blinds adds modern stylish look to your room. These blinds are also available in a range of fashionable pastel tones.

  • Composition :  100% Polyster
  • Fabric             :  Translucent/ Black out fabric
  • Sizes               :  82mm, 75mm & 58mm